TOP 3 Best dog balls in 2019

dog toy balls

Above 3 kinds of dog balls are the best top 3 sellers of dog toy balls in 2019.

1, For the first ball, it is a rubber tennis dog ball. The brand is chuckit. The features of it are high bounce and durable for dog chewing.

2, For the second ball, it is also a rubber dog ball with rope. The brand is Jolly. This ball is harder then the chuckit ball. Also the easy grip rope        allows for hours of outdoor romping.

3,For the third ball, it is a squeaky ball dog toy. The brand is Grawsome. Gnawsome Squeaker Balls feature a loud internal squeaker, and features a gum-massaging, spiky texture; its unique design ensures no choking hazards only fun.

For the hardness of these 3 balls, the second ball is most hard, the first one is middle hard and the third one is a little soft.